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Working Groups

XR Vancouver’s working groups are structured and governed using our Self-Organizing System Agreement More Here and Mandates agreements More Here. These agreements form the basis of our shared structure, and enable us to evolve our structures and hold ourselves accountable for the roles we take on. We are all crew!

Outreach & Training

Do you like meeting and networking with people? Then the Outreach & Training group is the one for you! It works on growing our membership through events, planning and organizing “The Talk”, and maintaining communication to rebels through the Action Network e-mail system. It also gives leadership and SOS (self-organizing system) training to facilitate the effective running of XR Vancouver.

Media & Messaging

Do you have a way with words? Photography or video skills? The Media & Messaging group is responsible for framing XR Vancouver’s goals and actions, and communicating them to the public and press. This includes creating press releases, filming video and doing photography of actions and events. It maintains our web and social media presence, as well as manages the XR Vancouver newsletter.

Regenerative Culture

Do you love to ensure that people feel supported and cared for? The Regenerative Culture group looks at ways to care for rebels’ physical and emotional wellbeing. It encourages a culture of care and respect within the organization, and assists with internal conflict resolution where necessary. In the context of XR Vancouver’s actions, the group ensures that participants are supported with emotional, practical, arrest, and first aid assistance.

Action & Logistics

Do you like to make stuff happen? The Action and Logistics group translates XR Vancouver’s goals into action. It develops, plans, and runs XR Vancouver’s civil disobedience actions. It provides training and support to affinity groups, as well as planning and organizing of the NVDA Trainings.


Do you have a passion for building supportive, trusting relationships with Indigenous allies and developing protocols for doing so? The solidarity team engages the XR community in the unlearning and learning necessary to meaningfully build relationships and show up in support of Indigenous-led movements and their demands.


Are numbers your thing? The Finance group designs and implements XR Vancouver’s fundraising efforts, develops budget proposals, and ensures funds are distributed according to transparent and documented procedures.

Tech & Infrastructure

Are you a digital architect? The Tech & Infrastructure group provides tech support and training to our other working groups, and maintains our ability to communicate internally and externally.


Are you a creative or crafty soul? The Arts group enlivens our assemblies and actions with visual, musical, and dance projects. It invites artists and other creative people to contribute their talents, and engages the XR community and general public through arts workshops and other events.

Coordination and Movement Strategy

Are you a deep visionary? The Coordination & Movement Strategy group is responsible for setting the overall strategic direction for XR Vancouver. It decides what goals XR Vancouver wants to achieve and what resources are allocated, while coordinating with other working groups at the local, regional, national and international levels. Members of this working group typically are made of rebels from each of the other working groups.