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Statement on VPD violence against Indigenous Youth

Extinction Rebellion Vancouver deplores the VPD’s unnecessary violence against unarmed Indigenous youth on Friday February 19th 2021. Indigenous youth were thrown on the ground, roughly dragged on the sidewalk, had their hair pulled, and had drums and sacred items confiscated as they conducted ceremony on Friday; four were arrested. Physical assault and criminalization of people engaged in nonviolent civil disobedience is never ok, and even more troubling when directed at young Indigenous land protectors drawing attention to the corporations backing the Trans Mountain Pipeline on stolen, unceded land.

In addition to publicly planned actions, we must be alert to show up for actions that are more spontaneous, and actively decolonial. The best way to be alert to the Braided Warriors actions is to follow @braidedwarriors on all platforms to bear witness and hear their voices directly. If you wish to donate to help them cover legal and medical fees, you can do so here or send an etransfer to